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Fashionable Diseases of Georgian Life: Literature, Medicine and Culture in the Eighteenth Century and Beyond

Presentations by members of the Fashionable Diseases Team
Thursday 2 June 2016
Seminar Room 8, St Anne’s College, Oxford

In this workshop, members of the Fashionable Diseases, Medicine, Literature and Culture, ca. 1660-1832 team will showcase some of their research, from the history of gout and rheumatism, to the roles of gender, class, and the health profession in the understanding and treatment of ‘fashionable diseases’.

Full details of the speakers and presentations are available at: www.diseasesofmodernlife.org

All welcome, no booking required. Seats available on a first-come, first-served basis. The seminar is hosted by the Diseases of Modern Life, Nineteenth Century Perspectives project funded by the European Research Council.


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