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On 3rd-5th July 2014, The Fashionable Diseases project team hosted a three-day international conference to assess the relationship between fashion and disease in the eighteenth century. With over eighty delegates and speakers from across Britain, Europe, North America, Australia, India, Asia and beyond, all coming together to discuss the main theme of the Fashionable Diseases project, the conference was a great success.

Keynote speakers were:

Professor Helen Deutsch (UCLA), "Diseases of Writing"

Professor Sander L. Gilman (Emory), "The Fat Person on the Edgeware Road Omnibus: Fat, Health, and Fashion in the British long 18th Century"

Dr David Shuttleton (Glasgow), "The Fashioning of Fashionable Diseases in the Eighteenth Century"

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The papers presented were fascinating and enriching. We are already planning publications arising from the papers which will build on the themes explored. Thank you to all of our delegates and keynote speakers for helping to make this conference such a success!

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